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Meet Jack + Charlie's

This is Jack. And Charlie. They're not just dogs. They're part of the family. We're guessing you might have some of these too. We're also guessing you love yours the way we love ours.

We started Jack + Charlie's because we struggled to find dog chews that we felt good about, that our dogs loved, and that we could pronounce all of the ingredients. So, we set out on a quest to find Mother Nature's most natural dog chew. 

What we found

Mother Nature! These organic, nutrient dense treats fall to the ground every single year.  The problem is, you have to find them. That's why antler chews are not always easy to find, and rarely found in big box pet stores. You can't go back to the factory and just make more.

At Jack + Charlie's, it's our job to find them, and get them in the hands (and paws) of you and your dog. 

What sets us apart?

Made in Nature

All of Jack + Charlie’s antler chews are 100% organic. No senseless chemicals or additives like those found in commercially produced bones and raw hides. Just Mother Nature’s most natural chew toy. 

A better experience

We want to make buying your dog healthy treats as easy as possible. Find the perfect chew for your dog. Then, get it when you want, and as often as you want it. It's that simple. We'll even pay for shipping for orders over $25.

Here for you

 [Raises right paw] You hereby have Jack + Charlie's promise to be there for you. Have questions on the right chew? Reach out to us. Is your dog not in love with the chew? Let us know and we'll make it right.

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