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Safety Tips

At Jack + Charlie's, we care deeply about the safety of your dog, so want to ensure our products are keeping your dog a happy, healthy chewer.

Aren't antlers hard? Will they break my dog's teeth?

Chewing is a very natural instinct for dogs (as you may have unfortunately found out the hard way with your favorite pair of shoes) and is very healthy. But, chewing on things that are too hard for your dog can cause damage to their teeth.  Making sure you have the right type and size of chew for your dog is an easy way to prevent this. 

Will the antler chew splinter? Could that hurt my dog?

Antlers are graded by the condition they are found in. The better the condition, the higher the grade, and subsequently, the cost. While low grade, weathered antlers can splinter, Premium Grade antlers do not. At Jack + Charlie's, we only source Premium Grade antlers for our dog chews. No splintering. No leaking. Keeping your dog safe. 

Can my dog choke on an antler chew?

One of the benefits of antler chews being 100% organic and all natural is the fact that they are 100% digestible and safe for consumption. But, if an antler chew gets small enough, it can become a choking hazard. Just be mindful of this and monitor your dog and where they are at in the chew. Once it gets to this point, it's probably safer to come back to Jack + Charlie's and get a new one :)

If you have any additional questions or concerns about these or any other issues, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. 


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