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Antler Guide

Use our Antler Guide to find the perfect type of antler chew your dog will love. 

Split Elk

A perfect treat

No surprises here - our most popular chew! Split elk antler chews are cut down the middle to expose the delicious and nutrient dense marrow.  A perfect chew for any dog, regardless of how aggressive of chewers they are. Like room service for your dog, the work is already done for you. Just sit back and enjoy!

Whole Elk

A chewer's dream

Whole elk antler chews are perfect for your dog that loves to chew. The delicious, nutrient dense marrow is concealed, so your dog will have to work to grind the antler down to expose the treat inside. Kind of like a Tootsie Pop.... but for dogs.


Less treat, more chew

Deer antlers have less marrow and a thicker outer core than elk. So, these make a great option, and should probably only be reserved, for serious chewers. Especially those dogs that believe it's more about the journey than it is the destination. Feel like we should put that quote on Instagram.


A rare treat

Moose antlers make a rare treat. They are very dense, so will make a great option for serious chewers, and should keep your dog entertained for many weeks. 

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