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Antler Dog Chews


Imagine relaxing on the couch while your dog quietly gnaws on an all natural dog chew beside you.

This is the first bone you've let him chew on the couch - it's completely mess and odor free. No leaking or staining.

He's happy because it is absolutely delicious.

You're happy because it is 100% organic and full of essential nutrients your dog needs, like protein, fat, fiber, calcium, and phosphorous. These nutrients help animals develop strong teeth and bones, and also supports healthy nerve function, muscle contraction, vision, and blood clotting.

You're comforted knowing Jack + Charlie's only sources Premium Grade antlers in the USA, so your dog is safe chewing on an antler that won't splinter or crack.

You try to remember how long your dog has been happily chewing on it. Has it been three weeks or four? Either way, it wasn't the 2 hours your store bought bones have lasted in the past.

At Jack + Charlie's, we want to make this your reality. We set out on a quest to find Mother Nature's most natural dog chew. This is what we found. Now your dog can also benefit from Mother Nature's perfect chew toy.


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