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How it works

At Jack + Charlie's, we want to make buying Mother Nature's most natural dog chew as easy as possible. Follow these 3 simple steps and your dog will be enjoying their organic antler chew in no time.

1. We find the antlers

Did you know that Deer & Elk grow new sets of antlers every year? It's true! Then, each Spring, they shed their antlers, leaving them behind on the forest floor for us to find.

2. You pick the perfect one

Know what you want? Great! New to antler chews? No worries! Answer just a few questions about your dog and their chewing habits and our proprietary Antler Guide will tell you the perfect type and size of chew your dog will love.

3. You make your dog happy

WARNING: Your dog will love antlers.

Antlers are chews dogs love, with the benefits and nutrients they need. Be the Pet Parent your dog deserves and get them an antler chew today.

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